About Me

I am a Finance & Computer Science student at The University of Alabama with a passion for software development and embedded systems constantly striving to push the envelope of modern devices.

Technical Skills

  • Experience with C# and C++ (as well as Python and JavaScript/TypeScript)
  • Design and development of hardware and software solutions for embedded technologies
  • Experience with reverse engineering and creating implementations using industrial standard communication protocols such as CAN (Controller Area Network)
  • Web development utilizing popular frameworks such as Angular and Blazor and UI design with frameworks with Bootstrap
  • Deploying and provisioning server equipment and software as well as production monitoring systems
  • Database modeling and SQL implementation in modern applications
  • Experience working on teams and open source projects using source control

My Work


I am currently working at Kinematix Engineering in Bessemer, AL.


I occasionally post tidbits or small hobby related projects on my blog. Mostly home automation.


Projects I found fun or interesting enough to post online that are more involved.

Contact & Resume

Nick Daria

Software Development and Operations

Full stack software developer with a special interest in embedded systems and connected devices.