MellowCore is a simple .NET class library for commonly used functions such as such as type conversions, file/string downloads, registry interactions, and more.


MellowCore is currently in the alpha-dev stage, and many features have not yet been rolled out to NuGet or GitHub. As soon as I migrate the majority of my common functions from my various applications, MellowCore will exit alpha.


MellowCore was created out of a need for a solution to extended software development time. Many of my C# programs use the same code snippets over and over such as registry r/w/d/lookup, Async file download solutions, basic logging systems, update/branch management systems and more. This led to the creation of MellowCore. MellowCore brings all of these functions into a centralized and lightweight library that significantly speeds up development time. It also allows for common bugs to be patched along all of my programs by simply updating the library.

Supporting the project

If you would like to support the project, feel free to donate or contribute.

Availability & Development Status

MellowCore is currently in the alpha-development stage, and most of it’s current features will be rolled out to the public NuGet and GitHub repositories in the coming weeks. MellowCore is licensed under GNU-GPL v3.0 and is available on NuGet free of charge.